Song Master Pro 2.0 adds Song Sheet View, Export options, more

The Song Sheet View provides an alternative to the horizontal scrolling of the Waveform views and displays a song in the familiar sheet music type format. 

There are several options for  customizing the view. For example you can choose to show lyrics, notes, or just show chords without a staff. View the Song Sheet documentation for more info.

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New: Song Export

We've added three ways of exporting a song in formats that can be used by other applications:

  • PDF
  • MusicXml
  • Text 

    export song formats

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      New: PianoBar

      We've added an onscreen piano with an acoustic piano sampler. It's useful to find notes when transcribing. You can also hook up an external midi-keyboard and conveniently play along with the song.

      Piano Bar

      Use the drop-down menu at the far right of the keyboard to adjust the piano's volume, enable it to play incoming midi, and to select a midi-input device.

      Piano bar options

       A volume control has also been added to the Tools panel Volume group

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      New: Count-in

      By popular request, we've added a count-in feature.

      Enable/disable the count-in by clicking the count-in button in the toolbar or by pressing the shortcut key k

      Use the drop-down menu to the right of the count-in button to change the number of measures to count before starting playback.

      If the playhead is not positioned at the start of a bar, then after the initial count-in the count-in will turn green and count-in the beats to the start of the playhead and then start playback. This is best seen in the following video that has a count-in of one measure but the playhead is positioned after beat 2: 

      Metronome Changes

      The metronome has two modes: a solo mode used when the song is not playing (tempo can be changed), and play mode that adjusts to changes in the song's tempo and changes to the Speed control. Activating and transitioning from one to the other was a bit clumsy so we've changed things a bit.

      Metronome panel

      We got rid of the Solo button and added an ON PLAY toggle button. Now just click the metronome's power button to start the metronome playing. If you want the metronome to start and stop when the song is played, click the ON PLAY button.

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      New: Song Info Dialog

      The Edit Menu has a new item for editing Song Info:

      Song Info dialog

      The data in the Song Information dialog is displayed on the Song Info tab, in playlists, and at the top of the Song Sheet (PRO). It is also used to find the web page when a link on the Song Info tab is clicked, and to search for downloadable lyrics.

      Enhancements to the Pitch View

      Pitches appear on Piano bar

      The Pitch View now uses the Piano Bar to display the notes at the current playhead. The notes on the Piano Bar are color coded using the color assigned by the instrument's label set. 

        Piano bar with pitches

        Export Midi Meta data including the Tempo Map

        When exporting midi data from the Pitch view, you can now select additional meta data to be exported. Click the OPTIONS… button to view a list of midi data to export:  

          Midi export options

          Note that not all apps/DAWs allow this information to be imported so check your app to determine how and if it will export the midi meta data. 


          • New Export Audio - now supports exporting the Metronome click (enable the Metronome's ON PLAY button before exporting audio). View doc 
          • Improved Pitches View now adjusts when transposing (a Pitch setting semitones, octave, Ins trans is set to non-zero)
          • Added additional OSC messages and fixes
          • Time Signature Editing improvements/fixes

          We've also made many other improvements and fixes. Check out the release notes for more information.


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