Release Notes - Pro

Song Master Pro 2.0.02 - March 30, 2024

  • Export Audio - now supports exporting the Metronome click (enable the Metronome's ON PLAY button before exporting audio). View doc 
  • Pitches View now adjusts when transposing (a Pitch setting semitones, octave, Ins trans is set to non-zero)
  • PDF export: Lyrics containing non-english characters now display correctly
  • PDF export: Sometimes a double treble-clef would display when option to hide NC chords at beginning was checked
  • The Song Info dialog is now always displayed before downloading lyrics (previously it was only getting displayed if there wasn't info for song name, artist, album)
  • Added OSC command "/playFromLastPos"
  • Pitches View now displays the "create loop cursor" when just the <Ctrl> key is down
  • Fixed the  Pitches View being disabled when using External Stem tracks
  • Fixed a bug that crept in at sometime that prevented the Pitch semitones entry field from being modified if Pitch Transpose was unchecked


Song Master Pro 2.0 - March 23, 2024

New: Song Sheet

The Song Sheet View provides an alternative to the horizontal scrolling of the Waveform views and displays a song in the familiar sheet music type format.

Song Sheet View

To display the Song Sheet View use the shortcut key  F4 or click the Sheet button in the Control bar:

Song Sheet button in control bar

There are several options that you can customize the view, for example you can choose to show lyrics, notes, or just show chords without a staff. View the Song Sheet documentation for more info.

 view documentation

New: Song Export

We've added three ways of exporting a song in formats that can be used by other applications:

  • PDF
  • MusicXml
  • Text 

    export song formats

      view documentation 

      Refer to the section below on Enhancements to the Pitch View for the new options to export midi meta data (tempo map, time signatures, chord names, sections names, lyrics, and notes).

      New: PianoBar

      We've added an onscreen piano with an acoustic piano sampler. It's useful to find notes when transcribing. You can also hook up an external midi-keyboard and conveniently play along with the song.

      Piano Bar

      Use the drop-down menu at the far right of the keyboard to adjust the piano's volume, enable it to play incoming midi, and to select a midi-input device.

      Piano bar options

       A volume control has also been added to the Tools panel Volume group

      view documentation

      New: Count-in

      By popular request, we've added a count-in feature.

      Enable/disable the count-in by clicking the count-in button in the toolbar or by pressing the shortcut key k

      Use the drop-down menu to the right of the count-in button to change the number of measures to count before starting playback.

      If the playhead is not positioned at the start of a bar, then after the initial count-in the count-in will turn green and count-in the beats to the start of the playhead and then start playback. This is best seen in the following video that has a count-in of one measure but the playhead is positioned after beat 2: 

      Metronome Changes

      The metronome has two modes: a solo mode used when the song is not playing (tempo can be changed), and play mode that adjusts to changes in the song's tempo and changes to the Speed control. Activating and transitioning from one to the other was a bit clumsy so we've changed things a bit.

      Metronome panel

      We got rid of the Solo button and added an ON PLAY toggle button. Now just click the metronome's power button to start the metronome playing. If you want the metronome to start and stop when the song is played, click the ON PLAY button.

      view documentation

      New: Song Info Dialog

      The Edit Menu has a new item for editing Song Info:

      Song Info dialog

      The data in the Song Information dialog is displayed on the Song Info tab, in playlists, and at the top of the Song Sheet (PRO). It is also used to find the web page when a link on the Song Info tab is clicked, and to search for downloadable lyrics.

      Enhancements to the Pitch View

      Pitches appear on Piano bar

      The Pitch View now uses the Piano Bar to display the notes at the current playhead. The notes on the Piano Bar are color coded using the color assigned by the instrument's label set. 

        Piano bar with pitches

        Export Midi Meta data including the Tempo Map

        When exporting midi data from the Pitch view, you can now select additional meta data to be exported. Click the OPTIONS… button to view a list of midi data to export:  

          Midi export options

          Note that not all apps/DAWs allow this information to be imported so check your app to determine how and if it will export the midi meta data. 

          Additional Changes to the Pitches View

          • Alt/Option + click in the view area to hear the note played on the built-in piano
          • Previously you could create a loop in the Pitches View by dragging the loop area in the bottom 1/4 of the screen, instead you must now, use <Ctrl>+<mouse-drag> to create a loop region in the Pitches View
          • To improve performance when viewing midi data, we now cache the results so when the song is loaded again, the results are readily available.  You can manage the data (i.e. delete it to free up storag space) by going to the Settings dialog and clicking the Cache folder View… button.  If you delete the cache data for a song, the next time Song Master Pro needs to display it, it will re-compute the midi notes.

          Pitch View: Vertical Piano bar

          • You can now click the piano keys in the Vertical piano bar to hear the note played on the built-in piano
          • Added using mouse-wheel to zoom
          • Double-clicking in the vertical piano bar previously reset the vertical scrolling; this has been removed, however, you can double-click the vertical scale slider to reset the zoom.

          OSC Changes

          • /songLoaded - this OSC message is now sent after the song has been initialized (previously is was being sent shortly after the audio was loaded). It was also sent after a song was unloaded with blank parameters; it is now only sent when a document has been initialized.
          • A few OSC commands weren't responding to being disabled when 0 was sent (i.e MetronomeEnable); this was broken in a previous release and fixed in this release.
          • Fixed an issue when Soloing a Mixer track with OSC that could result in an endless cycle of sending OSC mute/solo messages
          • OSC Connections that send OSC messages back to Song Master now have their "send to SM" checkbox turned off to prevent recursive loops 
          • The following OSC commands have been added:
              • /showWaveformView
              • /showStemsView
              • /showPitchView
              • /showSongSheetView
              • /showToolsPanel
              • /showAnalyzersPanel
              • /showLyricTrack
              • /showPiano
              • /showSongSheetOptionsDialog
              • /editSongInfo
              • /countInEnable
              • /phraseTrainerEnable
              • /keyTrainerEnable

          Other Fixes and Tweaks

          • Fixed several issues plaguing Time Signature editing/moving/undo/redo
          • Marker Editor: with dialog up and adjust end-time on marker in section track, the section name of all selected markers was getting changed was getting changed
          • Changing the Key from the Control Bar now gives the user the option to transpose the audio to the new key
          • Fixed Key changes weren't nicely packaged as undo/redo
          • Marker Editor, made Change all with same text default to off
          • With Zoom Reference Point set to Mouse and Mouse Wheel Action is set to Zoom, zooming with the mouse wheel over the tracks wasn't using the latest mouse position (worked correctly over the waveform)
          • Improved visibility of toggle buttons on the top control bar
          • Speed and pitch changes were getting set back to defaults when audio device changed
          • Loops that went to the end of song weren't looping
          • Added an option to the Settings General page named Prompt to Save song to enable/disable prompting when opening a another song and the current song hasn't been saved. This is enabled by default so you will be prompted to save any unsaved changes. If this option is disabled, then you won't be prompted to save any changes and will need to be sure to save changes manually.
          • The Label set for chords was originally defined to color minor chords a light grey, this caused some confusion and has been removed from the label set. This change doesn't affect existing songs, if you want to remove the coloring of minor chords you can do so by clicking the dropdown menu at the left of the chord track and select "Apply Label Set to track"
          • The default Theme has changed from "Song Master" to "Orange Crush"
          • If your keyboard has a numeric keypad, you can now use them to quickly change the playback Speed. For example, pressing numeric key '3' will set Speed to 0.3.
          • Shortcut keys can now be assigned to toggle the Phrase and Key Trainers
          • The color used to draw bar lines has been added as an editable color of themes.
          • Changes to the Theme Settings Dialog: the active theme is now initially highlighted in the list of themes; if theme is edited and not explicitly saved, you will be prompted to save it.
          • When playing songs in a playlist, sometimes you would be prompted to save a song when going to the next song even when you didn't make any changes; this shouldn't happen anymore.
          • When File Browsers menu item Delete File is selected, you will now be prompted to be sure you want to delete the file; Note any deleted files are moved to Trash so they can be retrieved if necessary.
          • A Delete button has been added to the Marker (Section, Chord, et. al.) editor dialog
          • The F4 shortcut key to display the Tools Panel has been re-mapped to F5
          • Added a new theme, "In the Navy"
          • Made some changes to the Chord root-names assigned based on the current key
          • Audio files with upper case extensions (.MP3 vs .mp3) now show in the Brower's audio list
          • The full filename of the active song is displayed in the window's title area
          • The Audio Settings page now has a entry for selecting the external midi input device to use for the built-in piano and a latency drop-down.
          • Renamed the Edit menu item "Edit Connections" to "External Connections"
          • Shortcut keys can now be assigned to toggling Phrase Trainer, and Key Trainer
          • We also made a few other cosmetic changes and tweaks.



          Release version 1.1 - November 25, 2023 

          • New: Lyric Support - Documentation

            Lyric Track

            Auto search and download lyrics

            Import Lyrics as text and LRC

            Export Lyrics as text and LRC

            Song Info Tab displays synchronized lyrics

            Detached Lyric Window displays synchronized lyrics

          • FixedAuto snapping in waveform view was mistakenly set to half bar in last release; snapping now defaults to None when in waveform view.

          • Fixed: Applying label set to chord track wasn't coloring minor chords

          • Fixed: Mouse wheel wasn't responding when mouse was in a track



            Release version 1.0.1 - November 1, 2023 

            • Added support for ASIO devices
            • Fixed issue with some audio devices (i.e. RealTek) in non-exclusive mode that where producing garbled output.
            • Added link on the Help menu for Video Tutorials
            • Registering/Unlocking: will now display an appropriate error message when attempting to register a version of the product that was not purchased but has purchased another version
            • Fixed: Copying and pasting chords that are displayed in either Nashville or Roman notation would be displayed in normal notation
            • Fixed crash if the "Auto generate stems" is checked before generating stems for the first time

            Release version 1.0.0 (Initial Release) - August 8, 2023