Song Sheet View (PRO)

The Song Sheet View provides an alternative to the horizontal scrolling of the Waveform views and displays a song in the familiar sheet music type format.

Song Sheet View

To display the Song Sheet View use the shortcut key  F4 or click the Sheet button in the Control bar:

Song Sheet button

Change the Layout

To change the layout and information displayed in the Song Sheet, open the Song Sheet Options dialog by right-clicking and select Song Sheet Options... from the context menu (or from the main menu, select Edit | Song Sheet Options).

song sheet options

When you change options, they are immediately applied so you can see how it will look.

Notice in the video below that you can get a "chord chart" by unchecking Show staff and Show lyrics.

Enlarging the Bar width is useful if a song has several chord changes per bar; similarly, if there is only one chord change per bar, using a shorter bar width will allow more bars per row.

The Show notes option is useful to display the Notes you've entered in the Notes Track (it does NOT show the musical notes!).

Changing the Width the of the Song Sheet

Changing the width of the Song Master Pro window will cause bars to wrap and unwrap and is useful to control the number of bars on a row. This is important when exporting the Song Sheet to pdf since it will affect how the song is presented in the pdf (see section below). 

Resize Song Sheet Width

Collapse/Expand Sections

Individual sections may be collapsed or expanded to control the amount of information displayed on the screen or printed in a PDF. Clicking the section name will toggle between collapsing and expanding that section. 

Collapsing and expanding sections

Right-click to display the context menu and select Collapse all sections to get a quick overview of a song.  With the option Auto expand when playhead enters section enabled, Song Master will automatically expand a collapsed section that the playhead is in. 

Song Sheet with collapsed sections

Editing the Song

The Song Sheet View provides basic editing of Section and Chord names however you should do the majority of your editing in the Waveform view since it allows you to edit start times.

To edit a Section or Chord name, double-click it or right-click and select Edit... from the context menu.  You can enter new chords by Alt  double-clicking at the point you want to add the chord, however, if you need to refine its start time you will need to go to the Waveform view.

Song Sheet editing options

Copying and Pasting Chords in a Section

Once you have the Sections defined and have made any edits to the chords in a section, you can easily copy all the chords to other sections. You can do this in the Waveform view, however, it may be easier to view multiple sections by going to the "chord chart" view (i.e. uncheck the Show Staff, Show lyrics, and Show Notes in the Options dialog).

To copy all the chords in a section, right-click the section name and select Copy Chords in Section. Then go to the section name you want to paste the chords to and select Paste Chords to Section. Alternatively, you can choose to Copy Chords to All Named Sections to quickly modify all sections named the same.

Right-click Section to copy all chords


To create a loop, hold shift while left-mouse dragging to define the length of the loop. You can refine the start and end loop points by hovering the mouse at the loop start or end and left-click dragging.

The usual shortcut keys for looping (i.e. W, X, L) also work in the Song Sheet View.  

Exporting to PDF

To export a Song Sheet to PDF, use the Song Sheet Options dialog to get the layout you want and resize the Window to set the width. Then right-click and select Export Song Sheet as pdf

Export to pdf

 Refer to Exporting Songs for details.


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