Song Master Beta Page

Hi and welcome to the Song Master Beta tester's page!  

We want to thank you for agreeing to help test pre-release versions of Song Master. On this page you will find download links for the Windows and Mac installers as well as links to documentation that explain some of the new features in this version of Song Master.  

Song Master Beta download links: 

Install Instructions: The following downloads are not installers, so you must have an installed version of Song Master (if not, download the "demo" version from our web site). Use the appropriate link below to download the update and simply copy the downloaded file (.app for macOS or .exe for Windows) to your installed directory of Song Master.

Mac download

Windows download 

Issues addressed in version 1.6 Beta 3

  • Ext Control Track: Added button to enable/disable sending of Midi and OSC messages
  • Midi Message Editor: If midi message is a Program Change and the param value is > 127 then the appropriate PC and Bank values computed
  • All marker tracks: shortcut keys for Copy, Cut, and Paste now work; click the mouse prior to set the insertion point
  • Playlist: When creating a playlist from the Audio file browser, all audio files in child folder are now added to the playlist (previously, it didn't recurse into directories),
  • Playlist: when auto advancing, the next song is not displaying the "Play" button
  • macOS menu: Rename "Settings" to "Preferences"

Issues addressed in version 1.6 Beta 2 

  • Fixed a case where the dialog labels in the Controllers Track marker editor wasn't updating based on the MIDI message type
  • Fixed a possible issue when an OSC "/bpm" message received while Song Master was loading a song file
  • Added icons to information/alert dialog

Preliminary Documentation

The Controller Track

Set up to Send MIDI Messages

Control Song Master with External Midi Devices

Set up to Send and Receive OSC Messages

OSC Command Reference

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