Song Master

We encourage you to download Song Master and try it out for yourself. If you decide that it provides you with enough value worthy of the modest invest, then go ahead and purchase it; if not, we hope we didn't waste too much of your valuable time.

Can I install Song Master on more than one computer?

Yes, we allow Song Master to be installed and registered on up to three computers (any combination of Windows and mac) as long as it is only being used on one computer at a given time.

What is the difference between Evaluation Mode and the Real version?

The Evaluation version is the real product with the following limits:
You can use all the features of Song Master but you are not able to save any changes you make. You are limited to using Song Master for up to 15 minutes at a time. When you have used if for 15 minutes, a dialog is displayed and you will have to exit the program. You can immediately restart it again and use it for another 15 minutes, ad. infinitum.

Can I use my music Streaming service?

Streaming services do not allow 3rd party apps to stream their content, so it is not possible for Song Master to use them.

Support your favorite artists by buying their songs/albums!!! Most artists make very little money from streaming services.

What audio files can I use with Song Master

Song Master can read most non-DRM protected audio files.

Supported file formats: mp3, m4a, flac, ogg, mogg, wav, aiff, wma


You can purchase Song Master on this site's Home page, click the "Buy" button at the top of the page.

How do I unlock all the features of Song Master?

After purchasing Song Master, you unlock it by going to the Help menu and clicking Register/Unlock. In the Song Master Authorization dialog, enter the email/username and password of your Aurally Sound account. Click Register and Song Master will verify your account info and unlock all the features.

For more detailed instructions, please view the the "How to unlock Song Master after purchasing" documentation.

I'm having problems Registering Song Master

First, check that you have downloaded and are running the Song Master version you purchased (either the Pro version or the non-pro version). You can check the window's title bar or About box and it should say "Song Master Pro" when running the Pro version. If not, download and install the version of Song Master you purchased and you should be good to go.

If you've got the purchased version, then make sure that you use your email address and the password you used when creating your account on our website. If you are not sure of your password you can reset it by going to our website and clicking the person icon at the top right of the menu bar. If it auto-logs in, click sign-out, then click forgot password and create a new password.

Upgrading to Song Master Pro

Song Master Pro is a completely separate program from Song Master and contains all its functionality so once you've installed the Pro version you can uninstall Song Master.

When you run Song Master Pro for the first time, you will be asked if you want to migrate over the settings from Song Master. If you click 'No' then you will start with a clean set of defaults.

Why do I have to create an account to purchase Song Master?

Song Master requires you to create an account before purchasing so it can associate the program with the account of the purchaser.  In order to unlock Song Master after purchasing, you will be prompted to enter the account's email address and password. Don't worry, we will never give out your email address or pester you with a flood of emails!

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds on purchased software. Instead, we strongly encourage you to download the "demo" application and make sure that it runs and performs well on your device and that its value to you is worth the price of the application. The demo version is identical to the full version but may have save features disabled and a time-limit applied on the duration you can use it per startup. We're a small shop and prefer to spend our time on making our products better rather than on non-productive work that can be avoided. If you have further questions please contact us at sales@aurallysound.com