Using the Side Panel

The Side Panel provides easy access to your audio files and to Song Master's .song files. If the Side Panel is not visible, click the Side panel button at the right in the Control bar.

You can, optionally, dock the Side panel to keep it visible by clicking on the pin button pointed to in the above screen shot. 

The Side panel allows you to quickly navigate between three directories: 

  • Songs : displays the directory containing Song Master save files 
  • Audio: displays your audio files
  • Other: is another directory where you have audio files that you may want to load in to Song Master

You can change the directory that these buttons display by going to the the Settings dialog's General tab (Edit | Settings or ctrl+shift+s)

 You can load any file displayed in the Side panel by double-clicking it.

If you have a large audio file collection, you can quickly find the audio file you want by typing in part of the song's title into the Filter edit control. 

You can now double-click the song to load from the shortened list of audio files.

Tip: Don't forget to clear the filter or type new text into the filter edit field when you go looking for the next song you want to play!