Mouse and Key Commands

Note: To modify the commands associated with particular keys, use the Settings dialog (Settings menu, Key Commands tab).

Visual view of most often used keys 

 * Note: The function of the keys A, S, and D can be changed to work with Notes or Sub-sections by checking the View | 'A,S,D keys navigate Note markers menu item.


Go to the beginning of track or loop Home
Go to the end of track End
Go to previous Section Q
Go to next Section E
Go to previous Note/Sub-section A
Go to next Note/Sub-section D
Go to previous Bar Z
Go to next Bar C
Nudge playhead backward V
Nudge playhead forward B


Play/Pause Audio spacebar
Play from last position ,
Set play from last position .

View Area

Zoom In/Out with mouse-wheel mouse-wheel or magic-mouse-swipe-up-down
Zoom In
Zoom Out
Scroll using mouse-wheel Shift+mouse-wheel
"Grab"/Scroll using mouse Shift+Ctrl+left-click_drag
Scroll Left
Scroll Right

Pitches View

Scroll Time (horizontal) mouse-wheel
Zoom Time Shift+mouse-wheel
Zoom vertically Ctrl+Shift+mouse-wheel
Zoom vertically Use slider at the very left of the Pitches view
Scroll vertically Shift+ mouse-drag the vertical piano
"Grab"/Scroll using mouse Shift+Ctrl+left-click_drag
Zoom into a region Shift + mouse-drag to draw a rectangle over the area to zoom
Reset vertical zoom double-click the zoom slider


Add Marker Alt+click
Add Note Marker at play-head N
Edit Marker(s) value and color double-click
Move all markers to right of mouse Ctrl+Alt+drag-between-markers
Move just selected markers to the right Ctrl+Alt+drag-middle-of-marker
Toggle selected state Shift+click-marker
Select markers between last clicked marker Shift+click-marker
Temporarily disable snapping Shift+while dragging marker
Copy selected marker(s) Ctrl/Cmd+C
Cut selected marker(s) Ctrl/Cmd+X
Deleted selected marker(s) Ctrl/Cmd+D
Select all markers in track Ctrl/Cmd+A


Create Region with mouse
  • Click and drag in the top-half of the Bars track
  • Click and drag in the bottom-quarter of the Wave View
  • Shift+(Click and drag in the Wave View)
Toggle Loop Section W
Toggle Loop Notes/Sub-section S
Toggle Loop between Bars X
Toggle Looping L
Move loop to the left F
Move loop to the right G
Disable Looping with mouse double-click loop bar
Move start of loop to next/previous Section Shift+Q / Ctrl+Shift+Q
Move start of loop to next/previous Note marker Shift+A / Ctrl+Shift+A
Move start of loop to next/previous Bar Shift+Z / Ctrl+Shift+Z
Move end of loop to next/previous Section Shift+E / Ctrl+Shift+E
Move end of loop to next/previous Note marker Shift+D / Ctrl+Shift+D
Move end of loop to next/previous Bar Shift+C / Ctrl+Shift+C

​View Components

Show/hide Sections Track Alt+S
Show/hide Sub-sections Track Alt+A
Show/hide Chords Track Alt+C
Show/hide Notes Track Alt+N
Show/hide Time Signature Track Alt+T
Show/hide Lyric Track Alt+Y
Show/hide Ext Controller Track (PRO) Alt+X
Show/hide Side Panel Alt+P
Show/hide Bottom Panel Alt+B
Separate Karaoke Window Alt+K
Show Wavefrom View F1
Show Stems View F2
Show Pitches View (PRO) F3
Show Song Sheet (PRO) F5
Show Tools Panel F5

In Bars Track Edit Mode

Move all bar lines click-and-drag-any-bar line
Move just one bar line Shift+click-and-drag-any-bar
Move bar and all bar lines to its right Ctrl+Alt+click-and-drag-any-bar


Change playback speed to 1, 0.75, 0.5, 0.25 1, 2, 3, 4
Change playback speed numeral keys on keypad
Toogle Metronome M
Toogle Count-in K
Toogle Piano bar P
Save Song Ctrl/Cmd+S
Open Song Ctrl/Cmd+O
Load Audio File Ctrl/Cmd+N
Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z
Redo Ctrl/Cmd + Shift+Z
Show Settings Dialog Ctrl/Cmd + Shift+S
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