Control Bar

The Control Bar sits at the top of Song Master  and contains commonly used buttons and an information panel. 


  1. Save the current state of the song
  2. Start playing from the current play-head position
  3. Start playing from the last play-head marker
  4. Toggle a count-in before playing starts
  5. Jump to the beginning of the song
  6. Jump to the previous Section
  7. Jump to the next Section
  8. Jump to the previous Bar
  9. Jump to the next Bar
  10. Toggle Looping
  11. Toggle the action of the space-bar between playing from the current position and playing from the last play-head marker
12. Show the Waveform view
13. Show the Mixer view
14. Show the Pitches view (PRO)
15. Show the Song Sheet view (PRO)
16. Change the current Snapping mode
17. Change the overall volume
18. Toggle showing the Bottom Panel
19. Toggle showing the Side Panel

Information Panel

The Time/Bar section displays the current position of the play-head in bar-and-beat or time. You toggle between these display formats by clicking the tiny buttons above th4e display. You can also edit the values to jump to a specific point in time.
The BPM section has two buttons to toggle between Global BPM and Instantaneous BPM.  Global BPM is the average bpm for the entire song while Instantaneous BPM is calculated on a bar-by-bar basis. It is normal for the Instantaneous BPM to fluctuate by a beat or two between bars. It is most useful to detect more noticeable changes to BPM throughout the song.
The Meter section displays the song's current time signature. Use the Time-Signature track to change the time-signature.
The Key section displays the song's key. You can change the Key by clicking on the current key and selecting a new one from the menu that is displayed.
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