Changing the Mix

Song Master gives you the ability to re-mix any song using instrument groups. With the mixer, you can Solo, Mute, and change the volume and pan position of each instrument group.

This is a great way for you to practice a song in a band setting. Simply mute the instrument you want to play and begin practicing!

To access the mixer, click the "Mixer Panel" tab in the bottom section of Song Master.

 To enable the mixer, hit the power button at the top-right corner of the Stem Tracks sub-panel as shown above.

When the power button is clicked, Song Master will do some heavy computations to extract each instrument group into separate tracks. If this is a song you will be working on over several sessions, you may want to go ahead and save the computed stems (separated instrument tracks) to disk so they will be instantly available next time you load the song. 

Note: By default, stems are saved as .flac files (flac uses lossless compression). To save more storage space, you can change the saved format to ogg format by editing the Stem save format in the Settings dialog's General tab. While they are being saved, you can still continue to use Song Master. You can also change the directory that stems are saved to by going to Edit|Settings and changing the Stems Cache Path.

With the stems loaded, you can play the song and use each stem's channel mixer to Solo the stem (mute all other stems), Mute the stem (don't mix the stem with the others), and change the volume and pan position of a stem.


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