We've made a number of improvements to Song Master in version 1.8

Release version 1.8 - August 19, 2022

This is primarily an update that fixes a couple of crashes and a handles a number of things  better.


  • The "Tidy Chord markers" has a new, smarter algorithm for quantizing chord start times making for a much cleaner chord track. This will be applied automatically on new songs, for existing songs, select "Tidy Chord markers" from the Chord track's menu.
  • A message box will now display when a new version of Song Master has been released
  • If a folder contains stem tracks, it can now be added to a playlist (right-click folder in Audio Browser, context-menu now displays "Add to playlist as Stems"
  • Because knowing how to control Song Master is so important to efficiently using the app, we've added a handy keyboard info graphic to the Help menu.

  • Add a new OSC Address : /songInfo to send 

Changes and Fixes:

  • Added support for CPUs that do not support AVX2 instruction set
  • Fixed issue when AirPod Pro earphones are used causing audio to be badly distorted
  • Changed: OSC Address "/playlistActiveSongChanged" now sends same parameters as "/playlistSongInfo"
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a Time Signature is changed
  • Fixed a crash if audio has missing track info
  • Fixed a couple of UI related issues when a playlist is deleted (i.e. it was still displayed as a recent playlist in menu)
  •  Changed: case when Key was detected as F# but chords displayed as its enharmonic equivalent Gb.
  • Changed: When looping is enabled, don't reset to beginning unless the Phrase, Key, or num times to loop is used
  • Show Messagebox if a song in playlist song is clicked and it doesn't exist (as well as displaying a message in the listbox)
  • Fixed: In some cases, the .song file for a folder of stems was getting created in the root of the Song dir.
  • Fixed: When 'Z' key is pressed to move to beginning of song, it wasn't getting clipped to start of song but was going to first bar even though it is negative time.
  • Fixed: Some fiddly bits could occur when snapping was enabled and creating and moving loops where the start point was at the very start of a song
  • Fixed: When loading back to back songs using external stems, the state of the mixer was not always getting reset.
  • If the audio device is lost, the Audio Settings dialog will be displayed to make it easier to select a new device
  • Fixed: If a track is soloed and any track is unmuted, then turn-off solo button
  • Fixed: issue where the mouse cursor was stuck on grabby hand in wave form view
  • Changed: For new installs, the Side Panel will be displayed instead of hidden and the Audio tab will be displayed
  • Changed: If no files present in audio file browser, display a text message to inform user that they can change the Audio directory in Settings dialog
  • Change: If a dir of stem files is dropped and one or more of the audio files fails to load, load the ones that can and let user now
  • Fix: Marker properties dialog: the Custom Color button would sometimes not be displayed
  • Change: Label Set editor: Clicking "+" should replace an existing label-set instead of adding it again
  • Show a MessageBox when too many stem files dropped (allowing a max of 20 stem files)
  • Fixed: Stems - If 3 stems where generated and saved (but not vocals), it didn't think existing stems were generated
  • Fixed: Stems - Last version broke generating stems for just Vocals and the Rest if the user hasn't installed the Stem Expansion Pack
  • Fixed: Stems - After stems have been generated, the OSC Stems enable message wasn't getting sent
  • Fixed: Audio Browser: when file search string was entered/modified, the existing selection wasn't cleared so album info wasn't getting updated
  • Changed: OSC - "/songName" changed to return the song name from SongInfo and not the name of the file
  • Fix: Catch exception thrown when loading license file; message box user and delete license file
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