Song Master Adds Support for Lyrics


Song Master now provides tools for importing and downloading Lyrics, editing and synchronizing lyrics to a song, and displaying lyrics in a synchronized scrolling window

Lyrics come in two flavors: synchronized and unsynchronized. Synchronized lyrics have a timestamp associated with each line of the lyric that is used to match it to the time the lyric is sung in the song. Unsynchronized lyrics are just the text (they don't have a timestamp). Song Master works with both types, however, of the two, synchronized lyric format is preferred.


The quickest way to import lyrics is to have Song Master search the internet for synchronized lyrics, download, and import them. If synchronized lyrics are not found, it will search for unsynchronized lyrics and use them. We'll cover how to synchronize lyrics in just a bit.

Quickly search and download lyrics from the internet


You can also manually import lyrics in text (unsynchronized) and .LRC (synchronized) formats. You can import these directly from a file you have on your computer or you can copy and paste the lyrics you found on another web site. 


If you need to modify the text and adjust the timing, you can easily do this in the Lyric Track

Lyric track makes edit and synchronizing lyrics easy


You can view the lyrics synchronized to the song as it plays in the Song Info panel and in a detachable window that can be moved to another monitor or portion of the screen (perfect for when you are having a Karaoke moment!).

Sing along with the song


You can also export the lyrics in text and .lrc file formats. The text format conveniently merges in the Sections and can be printed out and given to your singer.

Print out lyrics and give them to your singer


Perhaps best of all, we've made this a FREE update for all Song Master owners!

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