Song Master 2.1 Released

Song Master Release 2.1 - Section Hierarchy

We continue to improve Song Master to give you the best tools for improving your enjoyment and playing of music. For this release we went back to the drawing board to focus on improving the sections algorithm.

When considering the structure of a song, it really depends on the granularity that you are interested in. For instance, at a coarse level you may want to know where the chorus and verse elements are; however, a Chorus may consist of a pre-chorus and/or a post-chorus; same for a Verse which may have parts that could be labeled pre- and post-verse. At a finer level, a Verse may consist of a Riff and a 2-bar sequence of chords. So to better fit this structure hierarchy, we've provided for an optional Sub-Section Track and controls that let you choose different levels to display in the Sections and Sub-Section Tracks.

To help you create the section level you want to see, Song Master's machine learning algorithm  analyzes the song and looks for sections of the song that are similar and assigns them a unique label. It typically creates six or seven levels of detail with level 0 being the coarsest (often just two section types) and each increasing level adds more detail.

Initially, Song Master selects levels that should be close to a reasonable representation. If you want to see a little more detail, you just need to increase the level. 

To see the results of the new algorithm on an existing .song file, you will need to run the algorithm by clicking the Analyze Sections button on the bottom Analyzers tab (note that his will delete any existing sections you may have created).

Note: Song Master's algorithm looks for sections that are similar sounding, however, not all music has sections that sound similar. For example, improvisional music (such as jazz, and blues) often lack sufficient similarity for the algorithms to properly detect meaningful sections. In these cases, it may be quicker to delete all section markers and add them manually.  

We also fixed unicode issues in the File Browsers on the Windows platforms, reduced memory requirements when extracting stems that prevented successful extraction on some computers, tamed aggressive memory usage in the DNN when computing beats, and several more improvements and fixes.

This is a FREE update for all Song Master owners.


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