New Features in Version 1.2

 Release version 1.2 - February 21, 2021

New: Phrase Trainer simplifies learning to play a section by slowing the song down and gradually increasing the tempo. You specify the starting and ending tempos and the amount to increase the tempo after each play.

New: Key Trainer will rotate a song section through a series of key changes. Great for improving your ability to transpose and solo over changing key centers.

Select from a set of predefined chord sequences (i.e. cycle of 5ths) or define your own. 

New: Loop Control panel merges in some features of the previous versions' Advanced looping control panel and adds several buttons for quick adjustments to loop start and end points and to move the entire loop.

New: use <shift> + mouse-wheel to scroll left/right

Change: The actions assigned to the keys in the "block" qwe, asd, and zxc have been re-assigned slightly to support enlarging and reducing loop sections.  Refer to documentation for details.

Changes: There's also been a number of smaller enhancements mostly dealing with looping, metronome usage, and the file browsers.

Bug fixes: a number of bugs have also been addressed including potential issue when pasting chord markers, and the loop region sometimes not updating properly. Issue on Mac that could lead to a crash if an audio file is loaded while the previous audio file is still being analyzed.


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