Aurally Sound updates Song Master to v1.1 with new features

January 4, 2021

Aurally Sound has updated its Song Master app that makes analyzing, learning, and practicing your favorite songs simpler and more efficient.

New Features:

  • Playlists can be created to conveniently group and play songs. Create playlists for songs you are currently working on, songs you want to work on, songs you are playing for upcoming gigs, etc. You can start a playlist playing and Song Master will automatically load the next song when the current song finishes--great for running through your set list.
  • Song Information Panel displays cover art and additional information for the current song if it is embedded as meta data in the audio file. Also three web links are provided to easily bring up information about the band, album, and song.
  • The file Browser now displays album art and song information for the currently selected audio file.
  • UI Action Rules have been created to allow you to customize what happens when an audio file, song file, or playlist is loaded. You can choose to have the audio, song, or playlist immediately start playing and an option to automatically view the Song Info or Playlist tab.

Changes and Improvements:

  • When an audio file is selected for editing and a corresponding Song Master song file is found for it, the existing song file will be loaded instead of creating a new song file.
  • The Last Play Marker is now updated when the mouse is used to change the position of the play-head (it used to update the Last Play Marker only when paused).
  • The General Settings' 'Songs mirror audio dir' would previously create a new song file in a directory with the same name as the parent directory of the audio file (for example, if the audio file is in "C:\MyMusic\Van Halen\Fair Warning", the new song file would be created in a new directory named "Fair Warning"). The new method attempts to keep a similar directory structure as your audio files use. So for instance, if you have Settings : Audo Path set to "C:\MyMusic", then the song file would get created in a sub-directory of your Settings : Song Path named "Van Halen\Fair Warning".
  • The file Browser now restores the previous scroll state when returning from drilling down in the folder hierarchy.
  • Sometimes when clicking in the wave view it was possible to accidentally create a very tiny looping region. The number of pixels required to be selected for a loop region has been increased to make this less likely to occur.
  • Themes have an additional option to use colors derived from the song's cover art (when it is available) for coloring Section markers.

The free update for Mac OS X and Windows is available for download here

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