Aurally Sound Releases "Song Master" App for Windows and macOS

2 November, 2020


Aurally Sound has released Song Master, an app that makes learning and practicing your favorite songs simpler and more efficient.

Song Master analyzes any recorded song and provides a hierarchical breakdown of the song. The song is partitioned into relatable sections (i.e. intro, verse, chorus), harmonic analysis produces the chord progression, and finally the bars and beats are identified. You can easily modify the results to suit your needs.

Song Master also includes a number of tools to simplify learning a song and to make your practice sessions more efficient. You can slow down the song, adjust the pitch, quickly and easily loop regions, enable more advanced looping abilities, and more.

Song Master's algorithms make it easy to unmix the song into separate instrument tracks. Using its mixer you can then selectively set the volume and panning of the vocals, drums, bass, piano, and other parts to create your own custom mix. This is particularly useful when you want to mute the recorded part and practice playing the part with the rest of the band.


  • Detects the song structure (i.e. intro, verse, chorus)
  • Determines the chord progressions (Song Master has a large chord vocabulary and will provide important bass notes when they differ from the chord's root)
  • Determines the placement of bar lines
  • Computes the BPM and displays the bpm at the current point in a song
  • Computes the song's main Key
  • Provides a track for user notes
  • slow down (or speed up) audio without changing pitch
  • change the pitch with option to transpose the chords appropriately; "Auto Pitch" button will  automatically adjust the recorded music to A440Hz so you won't have to tune your instrument to match the recording
  • Advanced looping features allow setting number of times to loop, ramp up tempo, automatically advance the loop upon completion
  • Metronome that syncs to song and can be used stand-alone
  • Unmix instruments into separate tracks that can then be re-mixed

Song Master is free to download and evaluate. The evaluation version is the same as the full version except that it is limited to 15 minutes per run and you cannot save any changes you make. Once 15 minutes have expired, you will have to exit the app but you are free to run it again for another 15 minutes.

Intro Price: $34.95 until November 23, 2020 (Reg. $49.95).


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